Q: Where does your moringa come from?

A: We grow our own moringa on a farm located in a remote area in the Republic of Panama

Q: Are there any allergies to moringa?

A: To the best of our knowledge there are no known allergies to moringa

Q: What makes your products any better than others on the market?

A: Our process is what distinguishes us, we dry our leaves in a temperature-controlled, food-grade facility vs sun-dried leaves that are prone to bacteria and high heat that potentially kills enzymes and proteins


Q: Does moringa provide an energy boost?

A: Yes, Moringa is full of antioxidants and protein and this gives you a natural energy boost.


Q: Can I take moringa with my medication?

A: Natural products can interact with medications, as a general rule we advise talking to your healthcare professional before taking this or any supplement.


Q: Can I use Moringa in my recipes?

A: Absolutely! Please visit our recipe page for ideas on different ways to enjoy moringa


Q: Can children take moringa?

A: Yes, kids love healthy snacks or drinks made with moringa!