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Benefits & Outcomes

Benefits & Outcomes

Sunara Farms is GMP certified

Sunara Farms is GMP certified

All of our products are Sustainably grown, Hand-picked, and dried within 6 hours of harvest, using a state of the art low-temperature dehydration system so you can enjoy all the goodness nature offers. We are 100% natural so you don’t have to be concerned about fillers or synthetics. We’ve got this covered, so you can use that energy for what really matters.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We provide high quality, 100% natural superfoods in convenient and affordable ways for optimum health.

Being healthy is all about the choices we make and we want to help you to make those choices easy.



We’re real people, making a real difference!

We invest in people, we believe that good things come from good people. We do more than just create opportunities for an alternative means of income, we cultivate relationships. We empower the local community members by teaching them more efficient and sustainable agriculture practices. This benefits everyone, especially mother nature.

Our core beliefs:

When Giving, don’t give back…..just GIVE, the world is a better place when you give. Give generously!

With Honesty, our reward is the peace of mind and that great feeling we get by doing what is right.

Working with Integrity is important to us as we like to do what we say with clarity and transparency.


We grow superfoods in a remote area of Panama, 130 kilometers from big city pollutants. Fresh air, clean water, and good people are the three main ingredients needed to make our products.  As we integrate technology in our process and we repurpose pasture lands, we help to create balance in the world we live in. Our origins are with Moringa and as our horizons expand so will our product line to include other superfoods in the near future.


Committed to safety and quality

Sustainability is not just a label to us, it’s our way of life!

Sustainability is not just a label to us, it’s our way of life!

Goodness is contagious, our team is bonded by good old fashioned values and our commitment is to care for our environment. This is achieved by implementing sustainable crop practices and a reuse/recycle policy.

Sustainability is all about working in harmony to balance relationships, economic growth, and the environment.  Our values are founded on balancing these three pillars: Our relationships are our business, effectively nurturing economic growth which creates the opportunity to more meaningfully impact our communities & better support our environment. Our facilities are made up of repurposed shipping containers and we care for our land and people by avoiding the use of pesticides. All unused organic materials are returned to our plantation for compost.

These practices encourage others to see the value and importance of taking care of nature.


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